Christmas Appeal 2017

Everyone should have the chance to live their life as independently as possible. Whether that means continuing to live independently in your own home or cooking yourself a meal for the very first time, your gift could mean someone living with sight loss or another disability can retain their independence.


Susan's story

Susan has been supported by Gail, one of Henshaw’s Patient Support Officers based at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital who has helped answer any questions Susan has had about her eye condition and what lies ahead in the future. This year’s Christmas Appeal in Greater Manchester is raising money to go towards ensuring that more people can access support from our specialist trained Patient Support Officers.


Max's Story

Max is a final year student at Henshaws Specialist College, who has benefited hugely from Henshaws’ Starting Point and Arts & Crafts centre. Her self-esteem and positive communication strategies have grown with the help of our specialist staff. This year’s Christmas Appeal in Yorkshire is raising money to help fund workshops and buy equipment at the Arts & Crafts Centre to ensure more local people with disabilities can express their creative skills.

For most of us, independence is something we take for granted. But for people living with sight loss or other disabilities, independence is often one of the hardest things to hold onto.

For Susan, independence meant continuing to live in her own home when her eye condition began to deteriorate. Thanks to your support, Henshaws Patient Support Officers such as Gail were able to advise Susan about treatments available her to, as well as introducing her to a number of gadgets that can help her in everyday life.

But we still need your help. Our Patient Support Officers see 20 people every week who have recently been diagnosed with sight loss and provide specialist support and information to over 1000 people a year; and this number is rising. Your Gift could ensure that our teams at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and Altrincham Eye Hospital can continue to be there for people with sight loss this Christmas.

I had lost interest in everything, Without Henshaws, my life would be nothing.

Susan, Service User


For Max, independence meant developing her skills at our Specialist College and Arts & Crafts Centre to allow her to continue her love of catering within her local community. Your support allowed us to help Max develop her skills and confidence through working in the cafe at Arts & Crafts where she now takes on tasks independently and has increased her ability both in the kitchen and front of house. She has enjoyed her time in the cafe so much that she wants to work there when she finishes College in July.

But we still need your help. The number of Art Makers accessing the Arts & Crafts Centre in Knaresborough continues to rise with 164 Art Makers accessing the centre last year. Cook It and Music workshops have both been expanded to deal with extra demand but more funding is needed to ensure the centre has enough equipment, space and staff to ensure demand for workshops can be met. Your Gift could ensure that more people with disabilities can to access the centre where they build friendships, develop skills and grow their creativity and independence!

A gift of £10 could help us reach more people who need help this Christmas

Give a gift of £10

A gift of £20 could help pay for an hour of face-to-face support from one of our specialist trained Patient Support Officers

Give a gift of £20

A gift of £50 would allow us to redevelop the kitchen in the cafe so that Max could have the equipment she needs to develop her skills in catering

Give a gift of £50