7 gift ideas for people with sight loss

Knowing what to get your loved one for Christmas can often be difficult. If you know someone with sight loss, or are living with sight loss yourself and are unsure what to ask your loved ones for, read on for some inspiration.

Last year, we came up with seven products that could make for the perfect Christmas gift. There is so much out there that we decided to do it again this year and give you seven more fantastic gift ideas.

1. BlindSquare


BlindSquare lets you explore your environment. You can explore points of interest which are arranged into categories, and obtain information about points of interest including contact information.

It is a rather expensive app so would make for a perfect gift for anyone who may not be able to afford an app at that price but wants an aid to travel with confidence.

Screenshot of BlindSquare app highlighting the food option

2. Spotify Premium

£10-£99, depending on duration

Spotify is a fully accessible music streaming service that gives you access to the latest releases, tonnes of playlists and much more. The Spotify app is free and can be used without a subscription. However, subscribing to Spotify Premium provides many perks including unlimited skips and the removal of ads, and makes for a great present to any music lover! Spotify Premium gifts range in price depending on their duration and just like App Store gifts, they can be emailed to the recipient.

Close-up of a phone screen with the Spotify app in the centre.

3. RNIB PenFriend

£79.99, ex VAT

The RNIB PenFriend is a labeller which allows you to record audio labels. Use it to record labels for everything from food items to clothing to CDs and DVDs. The PenFriend can also be used to record notes such as telephone numbers or appointment times.

The PenFriend can  act as an MP3 Music Player and talking book player (you can store one talking book at a time).

Go here to find out more and place an order.

4. In Your Pocket

£22 per month or £528 upfront

In Your Pocket is a voice-controlled smartphone and media player designed specifically for people who are visually impaired.

Use In Your Pocket to make phone calls and send text messages, listen to thousands of podcasts and radio stations, and listen to talking books and newspapers from various libraries including RNIB, Calibre Audio Library and Torch Trust.

Other features of In Your Pocket include a magnifier and access to the Be My Eyes service.

To find out more and place an order, visit the In Your Pocket website.

5. Bluetooth Keyboard

£10.99 – £59.99, depending on manufacturer and model

Use a Bluetooth keyboard to control your touch-screen device. You can use a Bluetooth keyboard to type (it’s great for long documents!), navigate your device and adjust certain settings such as volume and screen brightness.

There are many makes and models of Bluetooth keyboard and they come in different sizes, with some being foldable so that you carry them when out and about.

For a guide to just some of the Bluetooth keyboards that are out there, check out this AppleVis article.

6. Talking Kitchen Scale

£41.95, ex VAT

There is so much out there for making cooking accessible if you have a visual impairment – the talking kitchen scale is just one such piece of equipment. It can weigh ingredients in both metric and imperial units.

The talking kitchen scale can be purchased from either RNIB or Cobolt Systems Ltd.

7. Braille and Large Print Playing Cards


This is the cheapest product in this list, and is also the smallest, so would make for the perfect stocking filler.

Card games are a fun activity for all the family and Braille and large print playing cards make playing card games accessible to all.

You can buy playing cards that are large print and Braille, large print only or Braille only.

Get gifting!

As you can see, there is so much out there for someone with sight loss. There are products for a wide range of tasks including cooking, labelling items and accessing media.

If you want even more inspiration, check out our Knowledge Village where we have videos, eBooks and many more blogs about apps and products for people with sight loss.

If you live in Greater Manchester, you can access our Digital Enablement services which include assessments, training and our monthly Tech Talk groups. You can also attend one of our Living With Sight Loss courses where you will be introduced to products and services available to you if you have sight loss. You can also give us a ring on 0300 222 5555 to find out more about our Digital Enablement service and Living with Sight Loss courses.

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