A young person’s guide to visually impaired bloggers and YouTubers

In this blog, one of the young people who has accessed our Children and Young People’s service, Orla aged 17, talks about some of the fab influential bloggers and YouTubers out there who she follows and who she thinks other young people with sight loss might enjoy too!
Bloggers are great at getting important messages across and for helping people to feel less alone when the topics discussed relate to themselves. Lots of useful information and tips are often also shared to help you feel more confident living with your sight loss. Read on to find out more!


My name is Orla and I’m 17 years old.  Here is a photo of me when I attended the Henshaws ‘I Can Do It’ residential last summer (I’m trying out some Orcam wearable assistive tech with Richard from the Henshaws Digital Team!)

During this difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic, it is easy to start feeling isolated from society without the possibility of going out to meet new people.

However, there are many visually impaired people on social media, whether they write blogs or are a YouTuber, that can help you feel less alone.

If you are interested in watching/reading any of these, here are a few suggestions of the different people you may enjoy!

Images shows a young woman wearing some assitive tech to read some text being held by a man wearing a pink Henshaws t-shirt.

Molly Burke

A Canadian YouTuber and motivational speaker, who makes videos about fashion, makeup, sports, and chats with a variety of celebrities. Molly happens to be blind and uses her videos to show that this is not the most interesting thing about her. She educates people on how she uses technology and does other everyday activities, often accompanied by her adorable guide dog Gallop!

She also shares stories of both funny, embarrassing, scary or unique situations she has been in because of her visual impairment, giving advice on how to avoid dangerous situations and to deal with the embarrassing ones! In her motivational speeches, she talks about her sight loss journey and shares how she overcame some difficult times in her life. She has a very bubbly and positive personality, making her content fun to watch, but candid when necessary.

Here is a link to Molly’s YouTube channel.


Emily Davidson is a British YouTuber and blogger; she makes videos about fashion, lifestyle and makeup, as well as campaigning for disability rights, getting involved with many different charities and their campaigns.

Emily talks about her experiences that are often amusing, and very relatable. She gives great advice for other visually impaired and disabled people, demonstrating how having a disability doesn’t need to be a barrier to living your life. This includes explaining how she has been able to work at Lush. And for non-disabled people, she clearly explains how to interact with the disabled community, in a way that isn’t patronising or condescending.

Here is a link to Emily’s YouTube channel and her website.

Image shows a young woman standing in a garden.

Life of a Blind Girl

Holly writes blogs about her disability, going to concerts and her everyday life.

She uses her blog to raise awareness of visual impairment and disability, to tackle the stigma surrounding such topics, to educate others, provide help and support for those in similar situations and inspire others.

Her blogs about her experiences of going to concerts are very useful and informative, explaining how she has overcome barriers, and enjoyed seeing people like Ed Sheeran, Lewis Capaldi, Jesse J and Shawn Mendes perform live.

Here is a link to Holly’s website.

My Blurred World

Elin uses her blog to discuss topics relating to losing her sight due to Retinitis Pigmentosa. As her vision is changes, she documents how she feels about it and the way she is coping with the difficulties she comes across.
She offers a candid insight into her own ongoing struggles with sight loss and how she copes and thrives.

Also sharing her experiences with things like fashion, going to concerts and beauty as a blind/VI person. On top of this she shares her experiences of studying with The Open University and how this has been the right path for her to get a degree.

Here is a link to Erin’s website.

Image shows a young woman stood in front of a house, smiling.

Lucy Edwards

Lucy is a YouTuber who talks about her sight loss and how this has affected her relationships, talking with her family and friends openly about how they have adapted to her sight loss.

She has recently been making videos about coping with self isolation, including cutting her own hair!

Here is a link to Lucy’s YouTube channel.

How Casey Sees It

Casey is a legally blind young woman in LA, and she makes videos about her visual impairment and going to a Disability Pride Parade in New York.

As a YouTuber she is very positive and light hearted, whilst also talking about important issues and sharing stories about her visual impairment and how she has dealt with different situations.

Here is a link to Casey’s YouTube channel.

James Rath

A legally blind filmmaker and photographer, James directed the advert for the Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive Campaign, and explains how he uses technology to access different software and make films.

He also talks about mental health and his experience with depression.

Here is a link to James’ YouTube channel.

Blind Alive

This is a very useful website that includes a variety of different workouts and guided meditations that are all completely accessible.

You have to download the files first, but it gives good instructions to do exercises, including stretches, cardio workouts, yoga and others.

Here is a link to the Blind Alive website.

Thank you Orla!

We hope you found the links in this blog useful – a big thank you to Orla for putting it together for us, hopefully it has introduced some fantastic new bloggers and YouTubers to follow!

If you are a young person living with sight loss and would like to have a go at writing a blog for Henshaws, then please get in touch! Email Fiona, our Children and Young People’s Manager, at fiona.berry@henshaws.org.uk

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