Alfie’s amazing artwork

Alfie is a student at Henshaws Specialist College who has used some of his time at home to create amazing artwork. His creative process is fascinating, showing real imagination and creative flair.

Meet Alfie

Alfie is a student here at Henshaws Specialist College who has a real talent for art.

While at home during the coronavirus pandemic, Alfie came up with a unique and creative way to express himself.

He has been looking at how computerised speech outputs create patterns, incorporating this into his latest amazing artwork which he tells us more about below.


Alfie Henshaws College
Using sound to make artwork

Making patterns with words

I have been working on new art project in lockdown.

I look at how words make a pattern. I use Audacity software when I make films and saw words or music make patterns. I use voice output talker to communicate I wanted to see what patterns the words I use make.

I also use a voice recorder when I record sounds for my film work. I recorded my words from my voice output talker. I need to let you know it not my voice it a computerised voice.




Adding lots of creativity

I put the words into the Audacity programme and I printed out the patterns.

I printed out the words had recorded like Fish and Chips my favourite words.

My mum show me how to take the print outs and transfer them onto my picture.

For my pictures I did crayon on top of paint. I want to show a bit of a scramble in my pictures I think my brain a bit like a computer when it needs rebooting some wires get mixed up.


Printing out sound patterns
Alfie's amazing artwork

The final artwork

I am making lots of little ones to make 1 big picture. I have applied to the 2020 SCAF Emerging Artist Award with idea of this. I do not know if I will get chosen I hope so but it might not. If I do I be making it about how I rely on technology for access .

Alfie won a national award for his art in 2018 and exhibits his work at any opportunity he can. We’re all really impressed by Alfie’s creativity and imagination with this project, Well done!


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