“We have had the joy of knowing Max loves going to College and taking part as a key player, rather than a mere spectator.”

Max is in her final year at our specialist college and is based in The Starting Point, a dedicated setting for students on the autistic spectrum. Max's mum, Brigitte, shares her story.

“Max has a severe learning disability and has recently been diagnosed as being autistic. She requires daily routine and continuity to ensure her life runs as smoothly as possible and also needs to be kept mentally stimulated. Henshaws has created a tailor-made personal timetable to suit her specific needs. This is comprised of a suitable education-based course, together with learning vocational skills. Max also does work experience at the café at Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre every week – she really looks forward to this and loves being part of the team.

We have seen a real improvement in Max’s skills and abilities in a number of areas, including reading, IT, swimming, cooking and life skills. Encouragement and assistance from staff have enabled Max to achieve so much and help her become more independent.

Since joining Henshaws College Max has gained a huge amount of confidence. She is extremely happy there and adores the staff and students alike. It gives Max stability and is an extremely important part of her life.

As a family we have had the joy of knowing Max loves going to College and taking part as a key player, rather than a mere spectator. Knowing that Max has been in the best possible place for her has given us great satisfaction and comfort.

We know that due to the nature of her conditions, Max still needs further and ongoing support in order to reach her maximum potential. Henshaws staff are extremely caring and are motivated to help Max do this. They constantly go the ‘extra mile’ without being asked. I believe that because of their help Max has thrived whilst being at College and as parents, we would wholeheartedly recommend Henshaws College
to others.”

Aimee Jackson, Programme Leader, The Starting Point:

“We created a personalised programme to suit Max’s relatively recent diagnosis of autism, initially focusing on building Max’s selfesteem and positive communication strategies in the safe, quiet environment of The Starting Point. One year on and Max has increased her community access timetable and spends time doing work experience in the Arts & Crafts Centre café where she has found her talent for hospitality and catering. Max is now much more confident, is becoming less reliant upon 1:1 support, and is able to work more independently.”


We support many disabled people with autism through our services in Yorkshire. Our experienced staff understand the additional challenges autism can pose and how it can affect people in very different ways.

To read more about how we support young people and adults with autism, visit our page at henshaws.org.uk/autism. Make sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages during World Autism Awareness Week 2018, where we’ll be sharing stories from the people we support across Henshaws!#HenshawsWAAW

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