Christmas Appeal 2018

Everyone should have the chance to live the life they choose. Whether that means meeting, making friends and learning new skills with people in similar situations to yourself or having the same opportunities for fun as other people, regardless of your mobility; your gift could mean someone living with sight loss or another disability can live life to the full.

Brad, Will and mum Pam sat on the sofa smiling at the camera

Brad and Will's story

When Brad was born, their mum Pamela didn’t know who to turn to. Not only was Brad her first child, but he was also visually impaired. Luckily, Henshaws was there to help…

Geena's story

With your support, we can make sure that Geena and other young people living with disabilities feel the excitement of using an accessible swing….

Every day, we make choices and decisions which affect how we live our life. Most of them we take for granted, but for people living with sight loss or other disabilities these choices and decisions are often much harder to make… 

For Brad and Will, learning to live with their sight loss helped them work around many of the problems that can arise in day to day life. This helped them live their life as independently as possible, but they often struggled to talk about their experience of having a visual impairment to friends and family.

Thanks to your support, Brad and Will were able to attend Henshaws’ week long residential course at the Children’s Adventure Farm. Here they were able to spend time, and make friends with other children who have sight loss and exchange experiences, advice and stories with others who understand their situation.

But we still need your help. While we may not all know what it’s personally like to live with a sight impairment, we are all aware of the challenges that growing up can bring. Combine these factors and the difficulties are amplified. We want to support as many children as possible and can only do this with your help. Your Gift could go towards providing activities for children and young people so that they can enjoy the excitement of the festive seasons with others this Christmas.

Hanging around with people who don’t have a visual impairment can sometimes be difficult. Through Henshaws, I’ve met other people like me who understand what I mean when I talk about my experiences of living with sight loss.”


Brad laughing on a zipline

For Geena, coming to Henshaws Specialist College has allowed her to build her skills, confidence and independence; helping her to make more choices about how to live her life. Your generosity allowed our College staff support Geena in a range of sessions including cooking, horticulture and in the gym. Geena’s new found energy and improved mobility helps her live her life more independently than she ever has, but there are still certain things she is still unable to do.

When she was younger, Geena loved going to the park and going on the swings. However, now Geena is older she is no longer to use conventional swings as she is an essential wheelchair user. We need your help to allow Geena, and other students like her, to experience the freedom and sensation of swinging through the air. Your Gift could help buy a specially adapted swing for our college so that young people with disabilities can have the chance to experience the fun and exhilaration of a swing!

Seeing the difference coming to Henshaws College has made to Geena is amazing. It’s hugely improved her confidence and massively improved her health. Her willingness to try new things has also improved massively and she is much more engaged.”

Caroline, Geena's mum

Sam Geena and Caroline smiling at the camera

A gift of £10 could help us reach more people who need help this Christmas

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A gift of £20 could help us put on more activities and groups for our Children and Families services

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A gift of £50 could go towards buying a specially adapted wheelchair swing for our Specialist College

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