Step-by-step guide to living with disabilities e-book

We’ve created this e-book series following our realisation that the most inspiring and practical way to communicate advice and information is through the voices and stories of the people whose lives have been touched by disability.

The series cover a broad range of topics including independent living, assistive technology, supported living, enablement, and many more that we hope you will find useful and informative. The voices and experiences that you read in the chapters have been compiled by our staff from a series of face-to-face interviews and telephone conversations.

Photo of student Tessa wearing headphons and using a computer, next to a College member of staff.

Supporting your child to maintain skills for independent living eBook

Kate Simpson, mum to Tess, shares her top tops for supporting your child to carry forward skills they have learnt at college or school into their future.

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Image of Housing and Support resident Sam, standing in her kitchen and washing up in the sink.

How mobility and travel training can enhance people’s lives eBook

Independent travel tips from our staff on how mobility and travel training can lead  to greater independence and positive life experience.

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Service User Alice washing up

Tips for shopping and cooking skills to help young people live more independently

Alice Pennington, who completed our ‘I Can Do It’ course shares the top tips that she took away from the course which help her to live more independently.

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Image of volunteer Tom sat at his desk, using an Apple laptop.

Conquering digital accessibility for disabled people

Our volunteer Tom takes us through his top tips for accessing and using technology that can help make life that bit easier.

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Art Makers drawing at a table set out with lots of pens, paper and books.

Art Making – the positive impact of creative art projects

Staff from our Arts & Crafts Centre share the benefits of making art and how to support people with a range of disabilities to be creative.

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