Employability study programme

Who is this for?

Students who would like to explore different job roles and develop an awareness of the world of work. Normally students will have achieved well in foundation learning, having some Entry Level 2 and above achievements.

What will you learn?

You’ll develop employability skills across a range of enterprises and industries including off campus work placements to prepare you for adult life. You will learn to work with others, to communicate effectively and to be aware of your rights and responsibilities at work. We will enable you to work towards relevant vocational qualifications. This programme will also equip you with cooking, cleaning and budgeting skills to help you move into independent or supported living.

Where is this programme available?


What’s next?

Students on this programme can progress into a Supported Internship, further education, employment, volunteering and/or living independently after college.

Eco Threads Young Enterprise company

Eco Threads is an environmentally friendly clothing company created by our students. Their mission is to create eco friendly products using organic and recycled materials.

Students decided that T-shirts were a product that they themselves would be interested in purchasing, and after researching environmental issues surrounding clothes production, the group wanted to make their products environmentally friendly. They chose to use a globe for their logo to represent the world becoming a more eco-friendly place.

500 shares were sold to get the company started so that raw materials could be purchased. To date Eco Threads have sold almost £650 worth of T-shirts. They also recently secured a bulk order of 150 T-shirts to be sold at a local music festival.

They were also successful in securing a trio of Young Enterprise awards in 2017.  Read our blog to find out how they did it!