Fitness Coach by Jumpy Cat: An accessible workout app

Fitness Coach by Jumpy Cat is a fitness and exercise app developed by Yocta Engineering for iOS and Android, which enables you to create personalised workouts. The app is free to download, but you can upgrade to the pro version which is a monthly subscription costing £1.99 per month.
Richard from our Digital Enablement Team test drove the app to discover its features and evaluate its accessibility for visually impaired people. Read on to find out his thoughts...


After downloading and launching, you are taken straight to the main app screen without any pre-amble.

The main ‘create’ screen gives options around the sort of workout you want to complete. There are two other screens – one that lists which workouts you have done and one to set app preferences.

In the app preferences, found by selecting the ‘more’ tab, you can upgrade to the pro version, set daily workout reminders and change the voice guidance from basic to detailed.

As the exercises are demonstrated by video, I would suggest setting the Voice Guidance to detailed as this gives full verbal instructions of how to complete each exercise.

A screenshot of the Jumpy Cat More Screen showing the Basic and Detailed Voice Guidance options, and other preferences including 'workout reminder'

Creating a Workout

After exploring the app’s functions, I was now ready to create a workout. This is done from the main screen, the ‘create workout’ screen, and you have 6 options that you can change before creating your workout:

  • Type – The type of workout ranges from a Pick Me Up session, which is 10 to 15 minutes in length to a Quick Session, 20 to 30 minutes to a full session at 35 to 60 minutes. There is also an active recovery option which is designed to be low intensity exercise for times when a full session might not be suitable.
  • Body area – Options for the body area include full body, core and abs and lower body for the free version. If you get the pro version, you also get options for Upper body, Core and lower body or core and upper body.
  • Duration – There are different options for the length of workout. The range of options is dictated by the type of workout you choose.
  • Difficulty – There are five difficulty levels: light (level 1), mellow (level 2), sweaty (level 3), challenge (level 4) and beast (level 5).
  • Style – There are different options for the style. The free version has style options around physical intensity, whilst the pro version adds options for stress reduction (anti-stress), knee friendly, balance and coordination, no jumps and energy booster.
  • Reps per exercise – The final option you can change for your workout is the repetitions. This can be balanced for general exercise or Build Stamina if you want something a bit more challenging.

The pro version allows for more unique exercises than the free version.

Once you have decided on your workout options, just hit the ‘design my workout’ button to get a summary of the workout you are about to embark on, and then hit the ‘Let’s Begin’ button to start.

Next, a video screen appears with the standard video option buttons. Tap on the ‘play pause’  button and your workout will begin.

Each exercise is demonstrated in the video and also described in full if you have changed the voice guidance to detailed.

The instructions were clear and I was accurately able to reproduce what was happening on screen purely with the audio. The usual fitness session prompts telling you there are a few seconds left and what exercise is coming next are clear. There is a second counter on the display but it made no difference to the experience whether I could see this or not.

A screenshot of the Jumpy Cat Create Screen, showing the six adjustable workout options

Final Thoughts

Dynamic fonts worked throughout the app with the exception of the buttons. VoiceOver was natural and performed exactly as I would expect it to.

The layout of the screens is straight forward with no additional clutter, which makes accessibility very straightforward. Contrast and colours are appropriate.

All in all, a very well designed app that does what it is expected to do in a non-complicated way!

Visit the Jumpy Cat website

Download Jumpy Cat from the App Store

Download Jumpy Cat from the Play Store

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