Our programme of support groups is designed to help to reduce the social isolation that can be experienced by those living with disability.

We want to help you to build a network of support through meeting people with similar experiences and disabilities.

Friendship Matters

Group activities include the Film Club, football training, creative arts groups and exercise classes and can be a next step after you have completed stages of your Independence Matters action plan.

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Hiking group shot

Join one of our friendship groups

Art Makers from our music workshop performing on our outdoor stage for feva festival

Discover social activities at our Arts & Crafts Centre

Open to all, we have an Arts & Crafts Centre in North Yorkshire which is a community hub where creativity, friendships and opportunities come to life.

Our Art Makers not only have access to the varied workshop experiences and training facilities available every weekday, but you can also attend evening events and weekend social activities. Over 150 Art Makers access the Centre each week so there’s a whole group of potential friends to meet.

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