Leave a Lasting Legacy

Thank you for considering leaving a gift in your will to Henshaws.
Use our free will writing service and leave a gift in your will to ensure those with sight loss and other disabilities in your local area can continue to be supported for many years to come.

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Why should I leave a gift in my will?

There are lots of very good reasons why everyone should write a will. It is an opportunity to decide what happens to your money, your possessions, and your property when you’re gone, and it is an opportunity to make your intentions clear to those you leave behind.

It can be emotional thinking about a future you won’t be around to see, but for many it is a positive experience and a chance to look after your family’s future and those you love.

Once you have provided for your loved ones, a gift in your will can also ensure causes close to your heart are supported. It demonstrates the principles and values that are important to you, and it has the power to transform the lives of people with sight loss, sensory impairments, and other disabilities. For many people it is often their most thoughtful charitable donation, and often their most generous one.

Gifts in wills are incredibly important at Henshaws and have supported our work for over 180 years. We would like to ask everyone who has supported the charity in their lifetime to consider leaving a gift to the charity in their will. Every donation, large or small, will have an impact on someone’s life and whether you are writing a new will, or updating an existing one, it is a simple process to include a gift to charity.

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How can I leave a gift in my will?

Henshaws have recently partnered up with Bequeathed. With Bequeathed you can make a start on your will immediately, for FREE! Simply follow the steps to create a will online.
Detailed guidance will help you to consider everything you need to think about when making a will, and to identify any issues where expert legal advice could be valuable.
If you want legal advice at any stage, just ask. Bequeathed will connect you to a solicitor who’ll give you a price to help you complete your will face-to-face or over the phone.
Whichever way you choose to make your will, please consider leaving a gift to Henshaws. Your generosity will help us to support those with sight loss and other disabilities for years to come.

Visit www.bequeathed.org/p/henshaws now to start making your will.

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Download your will making checklist below, and if you would like any more information please contact Kat Parry at kat.parry@henshaws.org.uk or call on 0161 786 3663.

Will making checklist – download here

Codicil form-for keeping with your will – download here

Henshaws charter for gifts in wills – download here

Kate's Story

“Difficult circumstances brought my family to this incredible charity and my daughter benefitted greatly from the skills, dedication, and compassion which we encountered within.
To quote John Lennon, “life is what happens while you are making other plans” and it is so true. None of us envisage or plan to encounter serious illness, disability, or loss of vision. When we do, we hope that out there, somewhere, will be the charitable organisations with the plan and the knowledge to lighten our load and help us through.”

Kate legacy

“I can’t begin to imagine our lives and experiences, had there been no Henshaws, and yet without donations, many charities would cease to exist, and the reality for families like mine would be much harder, and much more isolating.
It occurred to me that one of the most profound ways I could ensure Henshaws is there to support future generations and families when the unexpected happens, was to leave a gift in my will. My appreciation for and gratitude towards this organisation will now outlive me, and that means so much. The help, guidance, and kindness which our family received will be available to others, and that matters a great deal.”

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