“Henshaws helped me to rediscover skills I thought I’d lost… and I’ve not even scratched the surface yet”

Ron from our Liverpool centre shares with us his experience of Henshaws, and how he has been able to access new hobbies and skills since joining.

I was introduced to Henshaws a couple of years ago but did not take advantage of their services immediately.

I had lost my sight over a long henshaws-helped-me-to-rediscover-skills-image-1period of time and I am now registered blind. I looked at what was on offer at Henshaws and realised that I would have the opportunity to do things I thought may now be out of my reach.

The first course I took with Henshaws was touch typing. It was taught in a way which made it very easy to learn and I found the tutor to be very pleasant and easy going, he gave me the confidence to learn quickly. I was delighted to get back skills I had lost or had not used for a long while.

I was very surprised to learn after a short while that my tutor also had sight problems along with a lot of other members of staff and volunteers.

I also decided to join a creative writing group with Henshaws. I have always fancied writing and wanted to try my hand at poetry, short stories and maybe even script writing. I hoped to meet like-minded people and pick up some tips. I have made some new friends including volunteers Annie and Pat from the dead good poets society. I have written a couple of poems and they were read out at the poetry group, I never imagined this was something that I could achieve.

Another group I’ve joined is a newly formed music group. After a chat with one of the team at Henshaws, I offered to teach guitar and hoped to meet other musicians who had sight problems, to learn how they dealt with their visual impairment. The group has become popular and I have even started to learn how to play the piano taught by Stuart, a wonderful pianist who volunteers his time to the group.

I am looking to do an IT course once the new offering has been launched at Henshaws and intend on joining the history group as well as the ‘Living with Sight Loss’ course.

I don’t feel as if i have even henshaws-helped-me-to-rediscover-skills-image-2scratched the surface with Henshaws, this organisation has given me the confidence and the opportunity to get on with my life in spite of my sight loss. I find the resource centre in Liverpool a very friendly and welcoming place to be and really appreciate that I am made to feel so at home!

I would recommend Henshaws to everyone regardless of age, experiencing any level of sight loss. Henshaws supports you with learning to adapt to living with sight loss so that you can still enjoy the best of life.

You can find out more about the services that Henshaws offer as well as the courses and groups available in your area by calling or emailing your local centre.

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Ron is a service user at our Liverpool centre and attends different courses including touch-typing and our writing group. Ron also helped to establish the music group and teaches visually impaired people how to play the guitar.
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