Are you being tagged by Apple AirTag? | Update

Mark gives a quick update on a new feature which will alert iPhone users if someone is tracking them with an Apple AirTag.

AirTags are Apple’s answer to item tracking and are small enough to fit in most pockets. But what if someone tried to use one to track people without them knowing? Mark gives a quick update on a new feature which will alert iPhone users if this is the case.


The video from Henshaws Knowledge Village discusses Apple AirTags and their functionalities. Mark, praises AirTags for their usefulness in helping him keep track of his belongings, such as keys, wallet, and more. He also mentions the possibility of using AirTags to tag people, like kids or relatives, with their consent, especially if they tend to wander off.

However, Mark points out a potentially concerning aspect of Apple AirTags. If someone tags a person without their knowledge and that person happens to have an iPhone, Apple will notify them that they’ve been tagged. This feature ensures that people cannot be tracked without their consent. However, it’s unclear if the same notification system applies to Android users, leaving open the possibility of non-consensual tracking in such cases.

Mark shares his personal experience of tagging his wife’s purse, with her knowledge, and being able to track her movements. The wife received a warning from Apple, indicating that she had been tagged and giving her the option to disable the tag. While the notification doesn’t disclose the identity of the person who tagged her, it raises concerns about potential privacy implications.

Mark promises to make another video about “lead behinds,” which seems to be related to Apple AirTags and their practical applications.

In summary, the video discusses the benefits of Apple AirTags in tracking personal belongings and potentially tagging people with their consent. It raises awareness about the notification system that alerts iPhone users when they’ve been tagged, preventing non-consensual tracking. However, it leaves uncertainties about how this works for Android users

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