Explaining guide dogs to children

It’s always nice to hear parents educating their children about Guide Dogs.

Martin Ralfe

Let’s talk about guide dogs! In this video, Martin shares an experience while out grabbing some lunch, where he witnesses a lovely moment of education between a man and his child.

Video Description


Martin introduces himself and his guide dog, Diesel, before sharing his experience of visiting St Helen’s Town Center to grab some lunch.

Guide Dog Awareness

During the visit, Martin overhears a father educating his child about guide dogs. He explains their purpose, how to identify them (noting the white harness with fluorescent markings and the yellow handle), and the importance of not disturbing them while they are working.

Offering Help

Martin uses a touch screen to place his order at McDonald’s. Despite finding it somewhat challenging, he prefers managing on his own and declines assistance when the same father offers help. He appreciates the offer, reflecting on how simple acts of understanding and kindness can have a profound impact.

Public Perceptions

Martin also shares an encounter with an older couple who express surprise at seeing a guide dog that looks like a shepherd, which points to common misconceptions or lack of knowledge about guide dogs among the general public.


The experiences shared in this video provide insights into the life of people with visual impairments, the role of guide dogs, and the importance of public empathy and education to create an inclusive environment. It’s always nice to hear parents educating their children about Guide Dogs.

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