Guide dog retirement

Retirement is a natural stage of working life. The same is true for working animals.

In this video, Martin Ralfe announces his lovely guide dog, Diesel, is starting the process of retirement.

Video Description

The video begins with the announcement that guide dog Diesel is starting his retirement journey. The reapplication process for a new guide dog has been initiated as Diesel steps into semi-retirement.

Guide dog semi-retirement

Diesel has been a faithful guide dog, but as the video explains, his days of guiding are almost over. With a planned full retirement set for October, Martin expresses a mix of emotions about this new phase. Martin shares his personal thoughts regarding Diesel’s transition from active service to retirement, as it will be a big change. He has started the process to receive another guide dog and promises to take viewers along on this journey through regular updates.

A thoughtful retirement gift

A heartwarming moment in the video occurs when a colleague from the canteen presents Diesel with a retirement gift—an octopus toy that Diesel adores. The gift also includes some low-fat treats, appropriate since Diesel is on a specialised diet. This gesture highlights the strong community support and the affection that colleagues have for Diesel, who won’t be as present around the office moving forward.

Upcoming journey

Martin invites viewers to join him as he navigates through this period of transition for his guide dog Diesel’s retirement. The journey is expected to be filled with updates and stories as he progresses through the guide dog reapplication process and prepares for life with a new guide dog.

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