How to apply make-up when you’re blind

Zoe provides her top tips and demonstrates how to use make-up brushes and mascara when you’re partially sighted or blind.


In this Video Zoe, who is visually impaired, shares her top tips on how to apply makeup when you have limited or no sight. Zoe emphasises the importance of preparation and organisation before applying makeup.

Zoe’s first tip focuses on using the right brushes. She suggests avoiding long brushes to prevent accidentally poking the eyes or missing the face altogether. Instead, she recommends using shorter brushes, even customising them if necessary, as they offer more control and precision when applying makeup.

Her second tip addresses the challenge of using an eyeshadow brush with limited vision. Zoe suggests using natural colours and applying eyeshadow with the middle finger to make it easier to control the application. For finer details, a brush can still be used, but she encourages viewers to find the method that works best for them.

The most challenging aspect for many, including those with sight, is applying mascara. Zoe advises using clear mascara for practice. She personally utilises her remaining vision to position the mascara wand close to her eye and then blinks onto it while gently moving her head for better control. Shorter mascara brushes can also be beneficial in this process.

Throughout the video, Zoe emphasises that makeup application is an individualised process, and what works for one person may not work for another. Experimentation, practice, and finding one’s own techniques are essential for success.

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