How to be a good Uber driver – guide dogs

In this short video, Martin shares a positive experience he has with an Uber driver when out with his guide dog. It displays how drivers can effectively assist passengers with guide dogs, and highlights the best practices that ensure a smooth and respectful experience.

Video Description

Greeting and Offering Assistance

The video starts with a demonstration of an ideal interaction between the Uber driver and Martin, who’s with his guide dog.

The driver begins with a polite and friendly greeting, asking if Martin needs any help. When Martin requests to have the front passenger seat moved forward to make space for Diesel, the driver promptly obliges. He shows attentiveness and a willingness to assist.

Adjusting the Car Setup

The driver efficiently adjusts the seats to accommodate the guide dog in his car, ensuring the dog’s comfort without hesitation. He also helps with opening and closing the car doors, which Martin appreciates.

Highlighting Positive Interactions

Martin emphasises the positive aspects of the interaction:

  • Spot-on Service: The driver’s actions are described as “spot-on,” highlighting the importance of offering help and being attentive to the passenger’s needs.
  • Asking for Needs: Simply asking if the passenger requires assistance makes a significant difference.
  • Legal Obligations: Remember, you can’t refuse a guide dog.
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