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0.2 - The world is not designed for someone who can't see.
3.9 - With my sight loss, it was a big traumatic blow.
8.28 - The biggest problem you got to deal with is not loss of vision,
13.04 - it's loss of Independence.
17.94 - I was rushed into hospital and that was it, my whole world changed.
25.22 - it impacts every single part of your life, every second of your day.
29.94 - When you're trying to do something, people try to do it for you. It doesn't help greatly when somebody does
36.38 - something for you. But if they can help you to do it yourself,
41.36 - that is a major benefit for giving to you.
46.28 - It's not wrong to struggle and you shouldn't be ashamed
50.56 - It is hard and some days are worse than others.
54.08 - Rather than a disadvantage I view it more as a lifestyle.
57.38 - Finding the right solutions to problems that you have.
62.52 - It's not easy being blind. It can be sad, it can be lonely, it can be scary it can be funny.
69.9 - It can be heartwarming, it can bring you amazing friendships
73.88 - and take you to places you never thought you would ever get to.