Meet Geoff-Henshaws service user takeover

In this blog, meet Geoff!
Geoff is a Henshaws service user. Discover his empowering story and details of his sight loss journey.
Learn about Geoff's visual impairment and sight loss, and how he overcomes challenges with daily life.
He will also share his experience as a volunteer for many projects, including information about his life with the magic circle!
There will also be some handy hints and tips shared throughout the blog.

Geoff by his gate in the garden smiling

Geoff’s eye condition

Geoff has been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. He still has some vision, but he sees things differently. For example, when he is reading, he cannot look directly at the book, he has to look in a different direction.

Visit this link to learn more about what Macular Degeneration is, what the symptoms are, how the condition is assessed and any available treatment options.

It’s a gardener’s world-Winter hanging baskets

Geoff is a keen gardener. His process is from planting a seed to growing flowers for more than 200 flowering baskets each year which he sells to the local community.

Learn how to make your own in this video.

Playing tricks!

Using large print playing cards allows Geoff to still wow the crowds at his local club or family and friends. He has many tricks up his sleeve including this one which you can watch in the video.

If you want to buy your own playing cards, they are available here from RNIB. The page also contains links to pages where you can buy playing cards in Braille.

Large print playing cards

Working Out

Keeping active is really important. Covid-19 changed the way people access exercise classes and sessions. Many have moved online.

Weekly, Geoff takes part in Yoga with Unlimited Potential. He is also part of the karate club!

These activities are part of a range of services offered through our Enablement Team at Henshaws. Find out more on our website or call 0300 222 5555.

Find out more about Geoff

If you want to find out more about Geoff, check out the InSights video we filmed with him.

In this open interview, Geoff shares personal details of his life, how he was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, and how no matter what it doesn’t stop him from enjoying some of his favourite pastimes such as magic, horticulture and well-being activities.

We hope you enjoyed our takeover blog featuring Geoff. If you would like to be involved in future takeover blogs and are being supported by Henshaws, email

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