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In this blog, meet Matilda!
Matilda is a visually impaired artist who lives and works from the creative bases of Manchester and Barcelona.
Experiencing different countries, cultures, and art hubs in Europe highly influences her, however, her eyesight is a constant influence throughout her artwork.
This blog features a series of stories about her passion for art and about her sight condition: Uveitis.

InSights – Matilda’s story

In this powerful interview, hear about Matilda’s life and influences. Learn about her passion of art and about her sight loss journey.

Her condition is Uveitis which is inflammation of the middle layer of the eye. This can cause eye pain and changes to your vision.

Art Attack

Matilda is not only really passionate about her work but she also supports Be Your Gallery, a small gallery on the 2nd floor of Afflecks Palace in Manchester.

In this short video, Matilda and our Enablement Officer Josh talk about her work on display!

Through a window

Through lockdown, there was a lot of time on everyone’s hands. For Matilda, it gave her an opportunity to work on her art.

Here is one of her works which is currently on display in Afflecks Palace.

Matilda is stood smiling by her 'through a window' artwork at Afflecks Palace. The artwork displays what she can see through a window, including a radiator and chairs which are in front of the window.

Follow Matilda on Instagram

If you are interested in following Matilda and her journey, her professional Instagram account is @mattie_art.

Mattie Screenshot from Insights smiling with artwork in background. The artwork is made from mixed media and in her Insights video she discusses what inspired her. The colours in the art are mixed light pastel colour swirls with dark blues and black in the background.

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