Mountains of fun learning to ski at Chill Factore!

During the Spring Bank half term we took a group of children and young people to Chill Factore for a beginner’s taster ski-ing session. We were teamed up with an experienced instructor to get a feel for the snow and learn to put on skis. We were introduced to the slopes, the equipment and shown some great sliding techniques too!

Mountains of fun learning to ski at Chill Factore! 1

Once we were kitted out in our outfits of warm trousers, jacket, socks, hats and gloves, we had to put on huge snow boots. Even though the snow isn’t real, it is very realistic and also very cold so we had to make sure we were warm.

On the slopes, we were taught how to put the ski’s on (we carried them out onto the slopes). It’s not easy to put them on and takes a lot of balance! Some of us ended up on our bottoms in the snow the first attempt.

Mountains of fun learning to ski at Chill Factore! 2

We soon got the hang of it though and the next challenge was learning to walk with them on. This too is pretty tricky and we all had a good laugh learning how to do it. After we mastered this we attempted walking up the slope, which you have to do sideways to make it easier. When we had all managed to get up the slope a little way we were able to slide back down again, which was the really fun part!

The group really enjoyed our session, Mountains of fun learning to ski at Chill Factore! 3if you’d be interested in taking  part in a future session at Chill Factore please get in touch with Fiona McMullen on 0300 222 5555 or at

We are launching a new programme of courses in August 2015 which are funded by BBC Children in Need. The course helps youngsters with visual impairments and other disabilities to gain more confidence and independence. Find out more here.

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