My Covid story, by Henshaws College students

We have all been through a roller coaster of emotions during the coronavirus pandemic, experiencing highs and lows. In this blog, some of our students share their experiences - both from home and at college.


The sessions have been changed. There are less people around the college because of social distancing. We have to keep safe around the college, to do this we need to keep 2 metres apart and we need to wear face mask to help us to keep safe.

The college day finishes at 3pm rather than 4pm. At lunchtimes and break times the tables and chairs are less to help with social distancing. Staffs have to get our lunches for us to help us to keep safe.

I miss having normal sessions, I feel disappointed that I cannot see all my friends at college, I feel sad that we cannot do our normal activities. When I see staff around college I feel they looked cool wearing face mask. I feel sad that I can’t spend a full day at college. I feel happy that the staff are helping us to keep safe.  I feel safe at college now because they are things to keep us safe.



While I’ve been at home I have been going on lots of walks, watching TV, doing college work and playing board games.

When I first found out that I could not go to college, I was upset because I thought that was it until September but then once I got into a routine, I was enjoying myself. I have had a few weeks where I have felt down and really missed my friends who live far away but by the next week I was fine.


The Covid Lockdown has been really hard.

One thing that has helped me during Lockdown has been being involved in a Virtual Bar. I have been working at the bar – amongst my duties – I have been monitoring customers/members comments. This has been a life saver for me because it has allowed me to keep involved with my DJ friends, socially and in a work environment.



When lock down started, I felt very shocked at first, because it affected all my sessions. including my work placements. I felt very disappointed about it at first, and I didn’t know what was happening.

But then, I started to think about lots of different ways to improve the coronavirus time at college. I got on with my braille workshop tasks. I was doing some exercise and sport including the trampoline, the treadmill, the bike, and the exercise balls. I also helped in the potting shed too. It was amazing.

When lock down continued, I thought going home was going to affect me, and I thought I was going to stay home till September. But it was all explained to me, If i felt ill, i will have to stay home till i felt better.

When I got home to see my family, I thought of some ways to get through the half term holiday. I went for nice walks in town and in the park. I bought some nice summer clothes and food items to take back to college with me. I also did some seed sewing, cooking, and being out in the sun shine.

In the end, it all worked out okay.

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