#50MilesMore Virtual Challenge

Walk or run 50 miles in March, or add a further 50 miles to your usual routine, and raise vital money for people living with sight loss and other disabilities.

It’s a great challenge, and it’ll help Henshaws provide vital support and services, while keeping you healthy too! By joining the Henshaws “50 Miles More in March” community you’ll be making an incredible difference to the lives of those living with sight loss and other disabilities.


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We have created a Facebook Group at www.facebook.com/groups/50milesmoreinmarch/ of people like you who are doing this challenge. Join it today to see how they’re getting on and get moving this March! Everyone who takes part in the challenge will get one of these custom-made charity t-shirts to wear and keep entirely for FREE!

Any questions?

Please take a look at the FAQs below, or contact Gemma Young, Fundraising Manager, on gemma.young@henshaws.org.uk with any more you might have!

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Here are some useful FAQ’s

  • How do I register and get my free t-shirt?
    You can register for your t-shirt here https://givp.nl/erf/hFmGYLs5
  • When will I receive my free t-shirt?
    We will be posting out t-shirts in batches throughout February, so you should receive yours by the start of the challenge. Please make sure you have filled out the registration form at https://givp.nl/erf/hFmGYLs5 and this collects your t-shirt size and address.
  • Do I have to fundraise to take part in the challenge?
    Yes, this event is a fundraising challenge. Every pound you raise will help Henshaws continue to support the 250 people who start to lose their sight every day in the UK. A donation of £5 will fund an online workshop at Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre and a donation of £10 will help fund our vital telephone support service for those struggling with isolation. Every pound really does make a huge difference!Facebook Fundraisers are easy to use and make fundraising from home simple! The funds raised arrive directly into our bank account and there are no fees involved. Alternatively, if you would like to take part and set up an external fundraising page on Just Giving or similar, please contact Gemma on gemma.young@henshaws.org.uk for more information and guidance.
  • Do I have to do the 50 miles in one day?
    No, the goal is to do the 50 miles over the month of March. By doing ’50 miles more’ we hope this will be a great personal challenge for you! You can take on the 50 miles however you like. Perhaps you’d like to start on a lower number like a mile a day and work your way up, or if you already walk or run regularly, we suggest you could add 50 more miles onto your regular routine or workout. Please remember to follow government advice to stay safe whilst taking on this challenge. https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus
  • How do I prove that I have completed my 50 miles?
    As part of this challenge you will be asked to set up a 50 Miles More in March Facebook Fundraising Page for Henshaws, where you can post your distances weekly or after every run/walk depending on preference. These pages are linked to Henshaws and we’ll be able to see your progress.
  • How do I set up my Facebook Fundraiser?
    Follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/fund/Henshaws/ It will automatically register that you’re fundraising for Henshaws.
    EDIT the name of your fundraiser to include your name and the challenge, for example: ‘John, 50 Miles More in March’.
    Change the END DATE of your fundraiser to APRIL. We recommend you change this date to 7TH APRIL. Make sure you do this as Facebook fundraising pages automatically close after 14 days.
    You can edit the ABOUT section so you can write about your personal challenge.
    Click CREATE and you’re ready to go!
  • How do I get my first donation to my Facebook fundraising page?
    You’ve made the first important step by setting up your page! The best way to get your first donation is to share your page on Facebook and explain why you are taking part in the challenge. Share how your friends and family’s donations will help, eg. Support those living with sight loss and other disabilities today. Just £10 will fund Henshaws vital telephone support service for those struggling with isolation.You may want to donate to your fundraising page yourself. Showing this commitment to your challenge gets the ball rolling and inspires others to support you as well.
  • How do I reach my fundraising target?
    Our top tip is to update, update, update! Share screenshots of you doing your miles, a selfie, video or just a quick update on your page. Your friends and family will see how dedicated you are to the challenge and want to support you. Keep sharing your page, especially around payday.
    📣 Don’t forget to share and shout about the AMAZING thing you’re doing for Henshaws.
    ✅ Invite your friends on Facebook to sponsor you🌟
    ✅ Share your fundraiser on your News Feed, Story and write a post on your Facebook page to tell all your friends 👋
    ✅ Share your Fundraiser on different social media platforms you use such as Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Don’t forget about What’s app and email too 📨
    ✅ Keep your friends and family up to date with your challenge by posting regularly on Facebook, so they can see your training progress and cheer you along the way.🎉
    ✅ Share videos, pictures, time-lapse and screenshots of any fitness apps on your Facebook page 📷
  • Can I do more than 50 miles?
    Of course. Setting a goal and then exceeding that goal would be fantastic and will be brilliant to inspire more people to donate to your fundraiser!
  • A friend accidentally donated to my Facebook fundraiser. Can you issue them a refund?
    Unfortunately we can’t issue refunds through Facebook but people can request a refund themselves from Facebook by following the below steps:
    Send them this link: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/162031714239823
    Select – I donated to a fundraiser on Facebook
    Select – I want a refund for my donation(s)
    Select – I made a donation by accident and request the refund.
  • My friend who is not on Facebook would like to donate – how can they do this?
    If someone is not on Facebook but would still like to donate they most certainly can! Share the direct link of your fundraiser with them and they can enter their details. Alternatively, there are two other options for them to support you:
    They can give you the funds and you can add the donation to your fundraiser yourself.They can donate directly to Henshaws via henshaws.org.uk/donate – if they do this please ask them to put your name and “50 Miles More in March” in the message box so funds can be allocated correctly.
  • I want to complete the challenge with my colleagues and/or an organisation I’m part of. Can I do this?
    This is great! In fact, this could be a great team bonding exercise and lots of healthy, competitive fun. Together with your colleagues, you can set up a Facebook Fundraiser and join our community to complete 50 Miles More in March, either between you or individually. It’s really simple to do and you’ll be amazed at how many people will support you. If you would like to know more about getting your workplace involved with Henshaws, please email gemma.young@henshaws.org.uk
  • I’ve heard of Strava for tracking miles. What is Strava and how do I join?
    Strava is a fitness tracking app which allows individuals to record their activity. Strava will allow you to track how far you have done and monitor how close you are to reaching your 50 miles! You can download the Strava app or access it on a web browser and create a free account.

Thank you for finding out more about our #50MilesMore challenge. Without the help of our fantastic fundraisers we would not be able to continue to provide those who use our many services with expert support, advice and training so that they can go beyond expectations!

We can't do it without you

Henshaws rely on voluntary donations; our work just wouldn’t be possible without people like you. Your support empowers local people living with sight loss and a range of other disabilities to increase their independence, achieve their dreams, and go beyond expectations.

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