Billy Oldaker’s Top 10 tips for a healthy summer

Billy is leader of the Fitness Workshop at the Arts & Crafts Centre. He likes to make sure everyone stays active and as healthy as possible. We caught up with him and the Henshaws Fitness Group for some tips on summer health and wellbeing.

Training session for Henshaws Triathlon Team“Hi, I’m Billy Oldaker. As the sun gets warmer, it’s nice to spend more time outside, and people often find it easier to exercise too. Whatever your level of activity, here’s a few tips to keep you in tip-top condition over summer:

1. Use sun tan lotion

Even if you’re working on a tan, lotion is a safe way to build it up. As a bonus, a gradual tan will stay longer too.

2. Extra water

When it’s hot you need to stay hydrated. Even if it doesn’t seem sunny, keep your water levels up. Your body will thank you.

3. Sun Hat

Pop on a hat to avoid heat stroke, or a burnt bald patch!

4. Shower everyday

We naturally sweat more in summer, so staying fresh and clean is super important.

5. Vitamin C helps prevent sunburn

Suncream protects you on the outside, and Vitamin C protects you on the inside. People with good vitamin C levels are less likely to burn, and can heal quicker too.

6. Dab sweat off

Rather than being rough with your skin, gently dab at sweat.

7. Wear appropriate clothing

Too much and you’ll sweat or give yourself heatstroke. Too little and you could end up burnt or with chafing. Remember the same goes for children too.

8. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

This will help your body to replace the minerals lost in sweat.

9. Don’t train too hard in the heat

Gym bunnies take note!

10. Take extra breaks when hot

This applies to everyone, no matter what you’re doing. Stop yourself overheating. Take 5 minutes in a shady spot, or grab some juice. Regular breaks are important for a happy, healthy lifestyle.”

Some great tips, and so easy to follow. Thanks Billy!

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