Enabling Communities: The Role of Day Centres in Shaping Social Norms

With over 180 years of experience in helping people with disabilities, Henshaws is proud to stand as a beacon of empowerment and inclusion, not just in the north, but across the nation. We are committed to challenging social norms by fostering an inclusive culture through our range of services; one area that does this particularly well is our Arts and Crafts Centre! Nestled in the idyllic Knaresborough landscape, our day centre plays a huge role in prompting acceptance and understanding in our community and challenging social stereotypes.

Picture of arts and crafts equipment used in the day centre at Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre

One of those stereotypes includes the idea that day centres only cater to the elderly, which is far from the truth! In reality, modern day centres have evolved to support people of all ages through a range of circumstances, including illness, injuries, and disabilities that can lead to younger people needing care and support. As a result, day centres now act as vibrant hubs around which a strong community can be built – one where individuals can access resources, engage in activities, and make invaluable connections, both within our day centre and the wider community.

At Henshaws, we recognise the transformative power day centres can provide. Our commitment will always be to provide a welcoming and supportive environment, where people of all ages and abilities can access tailored support services that put their well-being and social integration first. 

At our Arts and Crafts Centre, people with a range of disabilities are made to feel embraced and valued for their artistic talent, whether that be in our ceramics, horticulture, music, and many other workshops! By celebrating the creativity and talent of those living with disabilities, Henshaws are helping promote a more dynamic and diverse view of day centres within our community.

But our commitment to empowerment goes beyond our Arts and Crafts Centre! We also help educate people living with disabilities, teaching them how to assert their rights and demand equal treatment and opportunities within society. Giving a bigger voice to those in the disabled community is one of the many ways we are driving meaningful change in social attitudes, leading to greater acceptance and inclusion for all.

We hope you can now see why day centres are at the forefront of how Henshaws is striving to create a more understanding and accessible future. It is through our wonderful charity that people of all ages and abilities can find the support, inspiration, and opportunity to thrive! 

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