Henshaws Arts & Crafts Exhibition at Knaresborough Castle

Henshaws Art & Crafts proudly presents - Beasts: Folk and Myth.
The exhibition takes place from 1st August until 31st October 2021 in the courthouse at Knaresborough Castle.

Art maker dragon painting with information about dates of the exhibition

This project has been inspired by the Hart Club London’s project #FolkBeastsForAll. Hart Club champions neurodiversity in the arts gaining recognition for art that so often goes unseen.

Having visited Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre in Knaresborough on our 21st Birthday back in 2019, the Hart Club founder Helen Ralli was keen to make connections and get us working together. This project proved so important to us during the long days of lockdown, and provided excitement and challenges for the art makers and workshop leaders in those rather bleak days.

What was even more inspiring was knowing that this work would be seen by the public at Knaresborough Castle, as once again, Henshaws was granted the opportunity to exhibit over the summer. We thank the castle for enabling us to fill the courtroom again with our fantastic creations and feel grateful to have such a wonderful link with Lucy Scott and her team.

This project has enabled art makers to produce a body of work that crosses all disciplines at the centre. Many designs can be seen as papier mache sculptures, mosaics, pottery pieces and prints. There has been cross collaboration between the workshops as art makers drawn designs have come to fruition in both two and three dimensions. Art makers have been involved in shadow puppet creations and re-enacting and exploring many of the fables and folktales associated with these beasts in performing arts.

Art makers have also worked together on the more large scale pieces, particularly the beautiful mosaics, sharing the task of arranging and gluing and grouting the mosaic and glass tiles onto the dragon and beast designs. These pieces really have been a huge collaborative effort and without the art makers cooperation and willingness to work with each other these designs would not have been finished.

We hope you enjoy the BEASTS exhibition. You will be able to see more of these creatures during the FEVA celebrations as they make an appearance at the Arts & Crafts Centre gardens.

Special thanks goes to the printmaking workshop for producing such wonderful handmade Beast merchandise in the form of tote bags, t-shirts, tea towels and cards, available to buy in the castle gift shop and at the Arts and Crafts Centre shop.

art maker Andy working on a paper mache sculpture

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