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Ever wondered what it’s like to run a marketing team at a disability charity? Tune into the MarketingShowcase Podcast. Helen Donkin, Head of Marketing at Henshaws, shares insights on their work, challenges, and the importance of accessibility in marketing.

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Henshaws, founded in 1837, helps those with visual impairments and other disabilities in Northern England. They offer services such as digital training and benefits guidance. They also provide engaging activities for children. Additionally, they have a Specialist College and an Arts & Crafts Centre in Yorkshire.

Helen oversees a small, dynamic marketing team. Recently, the team restructured to support Henshaws’ initiatives better. The team includes a graphic designer, a content apprentice, and a digital communications officer. Together, they work on student recruitment and fundraising events. They focus on making marketing content accessible and educating both sighted and visually impaired communities.

The conversation highlights Henshaws’ emphasis on independence for those with sight loss. They use tools like guide dogs and technology. They also work to educate the public about visual impairment. Helen discusses the joy she finds in her role. Her passion comes from making a difference.

Helen also talks about the challenges of marketing in the charity sector. She emphasizes the need for better accessibility in digital content. Furthermore, she advocates for broader industry awareness. Collaboration among charities can enhance their impact.

The MarketingShowcase Podcast concludes with Helen reflecting on the meaningful work at Henshaws. She takes pride in sharing their stories. Helen encourages other marketers to consider accessibility in their content creation. The conversation leaves listeners inspired by her dedication to Henshaws’ mission.

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