Henshaws Hundreds

Do you want to be a Henshaws Hero? Do you want to make a difference to the lives of those living with disability? Join us for Henshaws Hundreds this June!

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     Raise £100 in any way you can!


     Sat 11th to Sat 25th June


     Run, Walk, Juggle, Knit, Bake,        Tell Jokes! It is completely up         to you!

For a fortnight this June we’d love you to join in our fundraising campaign to take on your very own 100 challenge, be that a distance of 100km, 100 miles, doing something for 100 minutes or raising £100.

Pick your #HenshawsHundreds, tell everyone you know, enjoy training and practicing your chosen skill, and then join in from 11-25 June to complete your challenge. Could you swim 100m? Run 100km? Cycle 100 miles? This is an event that everyone can do within their own abilities. Just pick a hundred of any distance you like – from inches to miles – and get sponsored to travel it however you want to. You don’t have to do it all in one go, either – that 100km bike ride could be spread across the fortnight. It’s also a challenge you can do solo, or as a group. Maybe taking turns on a treadmill in the office or forming a running club with friends. Whatever you choose, let’s do it for Henshaws!

There’s some inspiration below, but remember this is your challenge, your way! Be as creative as you want and inject the fun into your fundraising.


Run or walk 100k or 100 miles
Cycle 100 miles in one day
Run 100 laps of your local park
Do 100 push ups
Skip or roller skate for 100 minutes
Score 100 cricket runs
Do 100 keepy-uppies
Swim 100 lengths


Build 100 sandcastles
Make and send 100 cards
Sing 100 songs
Be silent for 100 minutes
Make 100 phone calls to friends
Read 100 books to your children
Build something with 100 lego bricks
Play our Special Jubilee Pick a Item Sheet with Family and Friends


Juggle for 100 seconds
Wear 100 different fancy dress costumes
Hop 100 times on a pogo stick
Do 100 hula hoops or cartwheels
Tell 100 jokes
Rope in 100 people to take part in a quiz
Wear 100 items of clothing


Bake 100 cakes
Write a 100-sentence story
Paint 100 pictures
Sow 100 seeds
Play a musical instrument for 100 minutes
Write and send 100 poems

If you would like to take part in this fun fundraising event please just simply email: fundraising@henshaws.org.uk and we’ll be in touch with everything you need to make your challenge a success!!

Special Thanks to all those taking part including:

Tytherington School Beevers and Struthers JMW Solicitors Howdens
Holme Community Garden Centre Kiwi Nurseries Giant Seat Garden Centre Insite Property Solutions
To Donate or Paying Your Raised Funds Click Here

We launching a new and exciting online charity art event this Summer. The “Henshaws Hundreds Art” sale will be held 6th – 19th  June, offering art lovers something a little different. With over 100 pieces of postcard-sized artwork each retailing at £100, 100% of the proceeds from artwork sales will go to support Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre in Knaresborough. The 2 week long event is a vital fundraiser for Henshaws, which supports people living with sight loss and disabilities across the north of England.

Visit our Art Sale

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Henshaws rely on voluntary donations; our work just wouldn’t be possible without people like you. Your support empowers local people living with sight loss and a range of other disabilities to increase their independence, achieve their dreams, and go beyond expectations.

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