Henshaws College Students begin internship at Sainsbury’s

Henshaws students in Harrogate have begun working at their local Sainsbury's as part of their supported internship programme, and will be learning a number of different practical skills whilst working there for a total of twelve weeks.

A group of six students smiling at the camera wearing their Sainsburys uniforms.

The students had to take part in an interview to demonstrate their suitability for various roles within the store, and because of this they had prepared CVs and covering letter which were submitted before the interview took place. All the students passed their interviews, and were able to start work straight away! This gave them a chance to use all the high quality training and experience provided to them by Henshaws and they all thrived in their new positions.

Each student has been given a different department to work in ranging from clothing to till work and promotions. They have already demonstrated a very high standard of work and the feedback from Sainsbury’s has been exceptionally positive.

"Well done to all the students involved, they have done themselves proud and the way they have fitted in has underlined the benefits of receiving work-focused training at a college like Henshaws."

Patrick Barker, Work Coach

The internship has the potential to lead to future, permanent employment. Best of luck to the interns!

Whether preparing for employment, making friends or learning to live more independently, Henshaws College enables our students to make their aspirations possible and goals a reality. To find out more about what our college has to offer, head over to henshaws.ac.uk.

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