Nina’s Day-A day in the life of a Henshaws service user

Nina is a Henshaws service user and volunteer, and in this blog she shares her empowering story and details of her sight loss journey, through sharing a day in her life.
Learn about Nina's visual impairment and sight loss, her experiences as a blind mum, running her own business and her greatest challenges and how she continues to overcome them. There will also be some handy hints and tips shared throughout the blog.

Preparing Breakfast

One of the first things Nina does is prepare her son, Dylan’s, breakfast – in this instance, Rice Krispies.

To prepare the breakfast, Nina uses bands around her milk bottles so she can identify them, as well as a talking microwave to heat up the milk.

Watch Nina demonstrate making breakfast in her video.

Preparing breakfast (transcript)

Using technology

Once breakfast is done, she uses mid-morning to get online and be creative.

Nina regularly uses her laptop to keep in touch with friends and family and also             writes her own blog!

In this video Nina explains the type of technology that keeps her connected, especially to the friendship matters group she volunteers for as part of Henshaws services.

She demonstrates using her MacBook Air to open a Pages document, type some text and save the document using VoiceOver, the screen reader built into Apple products.

Using technology (transcript)

Running a massage therapy business

Nina owns her own massage therapy business and after writing emails and blog posts, she has a client. In this video, Nina discusses some of the challenges she faces, such as meeting people for the first time, and how she overcomes them.

Running a massage therapy business (transcript)

Training for a charity walk

Nina is training for a daily walk for charity taking place between 13th August-22nd August.

Over those dates, Nina will be walking 100 miles which works out as 10 miles a day.

This walk is to raise awareness of Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS). Find out more about the walk by visiting her Just Giving page.

Nina getting ready for walk

Being a blind mum

Dylan is aged 10 and is Nina’s son. In this video he shares some writing about being a son to a blind mum and what activities and games they do together, including playing board games and watching films with audio description.

Being a blind mum (transcript)

Find out more about Nina

Want to learn more about Nina? Back in 2019, we filmed an InSights Video with her.

InSights are intimate personal stories of sight loss from individuals sharing their greatest challenges, their greatest fears, their darkest times and how they overcame them and moved forward in their lives.

You can also read Nina’s blog: Blind But Sound.

You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram via the username @blind_but_sound

If you are accessing services through our Enablement Team and want to share your day with us, please email

Nina also runs a monthly group as part of our Friendship Matters offering. If you live in Greater Manchester and have a visual impairment and would like to find out more about this group, please email or give us a ring on 0300 222 5555.

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