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Henshaws College - Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy (OT) provides practical support to help you undertake the activities that matter to you. It is all about removing barriers and simplifying steps to carry out purposeful tasks.

Who is it for?

At Henshaws therapy is centered around the individual, helping you to build confidence and develop independence.

What does Occupational Therapy involve?

Three different formats can be used depending on what is best for you:

  • Embedded: these sessions occur within the classroom setting. Our therapists may support you in simplifying tasks or using specialist equipment such as adapted handles on cutlery.
  • Group: these sessions may focus on a particular skill set such as finger dexterity, strength, co-ordination and thinking skills. This can help you to wash and dress independently or to be able to prepare a hot drink.
  • Individual: these sessions will focus on your specific goals such as gaining independence in teeth brushing.

What are the benefits?

Occupational Therapy uses a student centered approach that can help you to:

  • Be more independent.
  • Access your education programme successfully.
  • Increase your engagement in activities.
  • Develop decision making skills.

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