Employability study programme

Who is this for?

Would you like to progress in into work or further education but not sure where to start? This course helps you to take those first steps towards reaching your goals. You will build confidence and develop skills to help you in the workplace, further education and beyond.

What will you learn?

At the heart of everything we do at College is Building Confidence, Developing Independence and Supporting Achievement for our students.

On the employability programme, we will work with you to identify your long term goals in a career or education. You will take part in sessions that help to develop the entrepreneurial and functional skills you need. By identifying your interests and passions, you will have the opportunity for tailored work placements on or off campus.

What’s next?

You may decide to stay at College to complete a Supported Internship. You could also go straight to paid employment, volunteering or further education.

Hira's story

When Hira started at college she was quiet and had low self-confidence, particularly when speaking out in groups. Being visually impaired, Hira felt anxious about navigating around the college campus. Hira aspired to work with assistive technologies and has a passion for passing on her knowledge to others.

Hira’s learning journey

During Hira’s time at college she has been supported by the Education, Care and Integrated Therapy teams to make outstanding progress. Employability sessions have allowed Hira to explore avenues of employment and have assisted in developing self-advocacy skills.

She is now confident when speaking to individuals and groups. Hira can also navigate around college using mapping and trailing techniques and she has been trained to use a Braille Note Touch device which Hira says “helps her feel more involved in her own education”.

Being motivated and now more confident to express her knowledge to others and put her skills into practice, Hira has undertaken a work experience placement at a primary school in her local area working with a group of visually impaired children.

Using skills gained at college Hira was able to support groups of children in accessing maths and English lessons. She also took the lead on a life skills session where she spoke about her life experiences and challenges and allowed children to try some of the assistive technology she uses on a daily basis.