Personal & social development study programme

Who is this for?

Do you want to improve your self-awareness and sense of identity whilst developing talents and potential? This course will provide you will the building blocks for success across your College programme and in future life.

It has been developed for young people with severe learning difficulties (SLD) and who have very significant intellectual or cognitive impairments.

What will you learn?

At the heart of everything we do at College is Building Confidence, Developing Independence and Supporting Achievement for our students.

On the Personal and Social Development programme, you will have opportunities to develop skills in areas that you may choose to pursue after College such as social enterprise and leisure activities, alongside the development of personal and social skills. We will work with you to understand your dreams and aspirations, and help you to make them a reality.

What next?

You may progress into a social enterprise setting, or you may choose independent or supported living after College.

Annabel's story

When Annabel first arrived at college she presented as being quite a shy young lady. She would sometimes struggle to join in group activities and needed a lot of encouragement to use her iPad as an aid to support her communication.

Annabel’s learning journey

Annabel is now a very active, sociable student and enjoys being involved in learning across a wide range of subjects including cooking, sport and music. Annabel has made fantastic progress using her iPad to enhance her communication skills across all areas of the curriculum.

Annabel can now navigate around her iPad to greet others in her class independently, has become more confident to make choices and to express an opinion with minimal support.

Annabel is now initiating conversations to talk about her family and is motivated to spell out words from the alphabet page on her iPad.