Personal & social development study programme

Who is this for?

This study programme is designed for young people who are working at high P levels with Entry level 1 in some areas.

What will you learn?

We focus on developing your social awareness and ability to communicate with others and work as a team. You will develop skills for life and work through on-campus work experience and living skills in a residential setting. We provide a range of vocational modules offering social and therapeutic outcomes. You can also work towards relevant qualifications where appropriate.

Where is this programme available?


What are the next steps?

Students on this programme can progress into social enterprise settings and independent or supported living after college.

Tessa's story

Tessa graduated in 2016 after completing her study programme which focused on personal social development and independence. Kate, Tessa’s mum shares her story:

What Henshaws did…

“In her time at Henshaws we have watched Tessa grow in confidence. We have seen her acquire new skills which she has been able and willing to transfer because she truly recognises that they enhance her life. She has become an independent young woman with not only a greatly increased vocabulary, but a genuine desire to use it.

We have exchanged and enjoyed amazing communication with a team of people who have sought out, welcomed and valued our input and who have supported Tess superbly every step of the way. We have dealt with the many and varied challenges together.

At Henshaws Tessa has been safe, accepted, challenged, encouraged and happy. What a package!

Thank you for “getting it”! Above all, thank you for recognising that our wonderful girl is a person who happens to have Autism and not an Autistic person.”

Tessa’s next steps

“It is now almost a year since Tessa graduated from Henshaws College, and a whole eight months since she began her new adventure, living independently from the rest of the family. Tess has made her own relationships with staff and other residents, some are stronger than others. Some are filled with affection and some are simply practical. All are successful.

Tessa’s years at Henshaws College were a vital launching pad for our family. It was the time that Tess began to learn the skills and build the self-confidence she would need to move away from us. Equally, we were able to learn the skills and build the self-confidence to let her!

The year since graduation has been the proverbial “emotional roller coaster”. I can honestly say, looking back, that I would not change a single second of it. Everything that she, and we, have experienced, the good, the not so good, the terrible and the brilliant, have lead us to where we are today. A truly happy place!”

Kate shares more of Tess’s story and her tips for other parents letting go of disabled children leaving the nest on our blog “One year on from Henshaws College“.

Student Tessa smiling at our 2016 college graduation ceremony