“A positive attitude can be a great help”

Earlier this month we celebrated our wonderful volunteers as part of National Volunteer Week (1-7 June). Our volunteers are an integral part of Henshaws, we need them to help across our services in all our regions and we wouldn’t be able to run many of our groups for people with sight loss and other disabilities without them.

The volunteers at the Henshaws Hospital Desk are back to share more stories of their experience of volunteering at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.

This week we hear from Sana and Helen about their experiences. They believe having a positive approach to an illness can really help patients:

Sana says:Sana and Helen at the Hospital Helpdesk

“I recently was approached by a middle aged lady who had attended the busy macular clinic. She was intrigued by our colourful display of helpful products which she had not seen or heard about before.

She told us that she enjoys doing embroidery and, although she is finding it increasingly difficult to see and to concentrate, she is determined to find a way to continue her lifelong hobby.

We discussed the benefits of good task lighting and I showed her the range of products in RNIB’s everyday products catalogue, including bright lights with inbuilt magnifiers. We provided a leaflet about the Macular Society, which runs local support groups for people with macular conditions, and told her that she could obtain expert personal advice from the Henshaws Patient Support Officer based in the hospital.

It was very interesting to hear her story and learn how her eye condition has affected her daily activities. Her positive and humorous nature seemed to go a long way to help her adapt to new challenges and was very uplifting.”

Helen says:Helen on info desk 2

“Sana is right that a positive attitude can be a great help. I was at the information desk recently and got chatting to a woman, who told me that she began to have problems with her eyesight as a result of contracting lupus (a problem with the immune system).

She said she was afraid how she would manage with daily living. Then one day in Manchester city centre she saw two blind women with guide dogs cheerfully going about their shopping and she realised that it would not be the end of the world.

Nevertheless she was very pleased that her eye consultant discussed her case with colleagues and managed to carry out a procedure which improved her sight.”

At Henshaws we know that sight loss and disability can bring huge changes to a person’s life and many difficult challenges. But they by no means spell the end of an individual’s enjoyment of life and at Henshaws we’ve been supporting people for more than 177 years to get through their own personal experience and ensure they get the most out of their future.

Our varied services provide expert support and training, all with the aim of building confidence and skills so that our service users can reach their full potential and find a positive way through their own personal challenges.

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Henshaws Hospital Helpdesk
Henshaws provide a weekly information desk at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital run by volunteers - Skeena, Sana, Sandip and Helen.