Sensory study programme

Who is this for?

Do you want to learn how to express your feelings and emotions and build your self-awareness
and identity? This course will provide you with the skills to increase your independence, enhance your quality of life and build interactions with others.

It has been developed for young people with severe learning difficulties (SLD) or profound or complex needs.

What will you learn?

At the heart of everything we do at College is Building Confidence, Developing Independence and Supporting Achievement for our students.

On the Sensory programme, you will learn through interactions with staff and other students. You will use sensory information and work towards your personal goals and aspirations. With support from our full College team including Care and Integrated Therapy Service, you will develop the key skills of working and interacting with others.

What next?

You may progress into a social enterprise setting, or you may choose independent or supported living after College.

Pippa's story

When Pippa first arrived at college she would use intensive interaction mainly with one preferred person and constantly seek that person to communicate with. She was not interested in others around her. Pippa was very tactile defensive and only liked to hold card or laminated paper in her hands. She also walked on tiptoes the majority of the time.

Pippa’s learning journey

Pippa has made exceptional progress in her time at College. She has learned to reach out with her hands to explore things around her rather than retracting her hand when an object is offered. She sees objects and people from across the room and will go to touch them, pick them up and often taste them or explore them with her mouth, all things she would not do when she first started
at college.

As Pippa increased the number of textures she tolerated in her hand she has been able to hold and activate switches, quickly grasping the connection between pressing a switch in cooking and eating something, when using a blender to make dips or soup.

Pippa is now able to walk with her feet flat on the floor after working with our Sensory Integration Team. This has improved her balance to an extent that she can be allowed to walk around with close supervision rather than having a member of staff supporting her to balance nearly all the time,
helping her to become more independent.

She now demonstrates empathy and concern for her peers and has developed friendships. Pippa now gets up when her peers show any discomfort and often touches their hands to give comfort. She also greets the other students in her group with a wave or a tap with her hand when they arrive in the morning.