Sensory study programme

Who is this for?

Our sensory programme is a personalised course for young adults with severe learning disabilities or profound and complex needs. Students on this programme are special school leavers normally working at P levels 1-4.

What will you learn?

Following baseline and sensory assessments, we enable students to develop an awareness of themselves and others, to use sensory information and to learn how to express their feelings. With support from our multidisciplinary team including speech and language therapists and assistive technologists, young people learn key skills of working and interacting with others to achieve goals.

Where is this programme available?


What are the next steps?

Students on this programme can progress to a fulfilling and engaging adult
life with appropriate long term care and support arrangements. Our Assistive
Technology team support learners in developing skills and accessing new
technology. This includes microphone headsets, computer access software
such as the Grid 2, and voice output communication aids used on an iPad or
iPhone, giving non-verbal students a voice of their own.

Mary's story

Sarah, Mary’s mum tells us the difference Henshaws has made to Mary and the rest of the family.

What Henshaws did…

Mary has now been at Henshaws Specialist College for over a year and what a difference! She has a holistic timetable at College which is based around communication. The staff are knowledgeable and specialised in all aspects of her needs. Henshaws Speech and Language Therapists and Assistive Technologists assessed Mary and decided that her original communication aid wasn’t working for her.  So a referral was made to a regional assistive technology hub and with excellent support from the staff at Henshaws Mary is now starting to communicate with a VOCA. She also has a new wheelchair with
appropriate seating which means she is more comfortable and can use her head to access her switches.

Now Mary can…

At her last school Mary’s VOCA was ‘put on’ for one lesson a week, whereas now she uses it in every lesson. Everyone who works with Mary is fully trained, giving her the confidence to use her VOCA to communicate. Mary is also using her VOCA more at home and enjoys being able to speak to her Personal Assistants. Through using it to make simple commands she is able to express her needs and wants. It is an absolute joy to see Mary communicating. We have always told people that Mary fully understands but to hear her voice and see the look on people’s faces when she answers or asks them something is amazing.

Read Mary’s story.

Student Mary using assistive technology in her music lesson