Skills for life and living study programme

A specialist programme for young people who are autistic to develop transferable skills for life and living, build confidence and solve day to day challenges.

Who is this for?

This is a specialist programme for young people who are autistic.
Our dedicated autism team support students to access the full Henshaws
College curriculum with reasonable adjustments made to facilitate learning and maximise the potential of each student.

What will you learn?

Our education and communication teams will work together to support you to develop new and transferable strategies for life and living. Our programmes also focus on the need to develop confidence, resilience and skills to solve day-to-day challenges in a positive and constructive way. We actively encourage sensory learning along with outcomes linked to physical and emotional health and well-being. All arrangements for support are absolutely student focused, with a positive behaviours plan where needed to support a meaningful transition into life after college.

Where is this programme available?


What are the next steps?

We know that each of our graduates who are autistic will need to be well supported in their transition to a fulfilling and happy adult life. Whatever the agreed progression route is, we are committed to ensuring that each person is involved in the decision and has time to prepare for their next steps through a positive, well planned transition arrangement.


William's story

Heather Whorley, Henshaws Speech and Language Therapist

William has autism and significant learning, language and communication difficulties. When he first started at college he really struggled to talk about what he’d been doing or understand stories, e.g. we knew he’d been swimming at the weekend but he couldn’t express this in words. He also has word retrieval difficulties which means he sometimes struggles to find the right word.

What we did…

We used a narrative intervention approach to help William break down each activity by looking at who, what, when, where and what happened. We gave William plenty of time to understand and respond to the questions we were asking. With a lot of hard work, one day everything clicked and William was able to report his news.

Now William can…

This has opened up a whole new world of storytelling for William. It’s impacted on his learning in a really positive way. For example, as part of our egg enterprise, William sells and delivers eggs to staff on campus. Now he is able to recognise who each customer is, and where he needs to deliver to. It’s had a very positive practical impact on his everyday activities.