Supported internship study programme

Who is this for?

This study programme is for young adults who, with support, would be ready to take part in the world of work. Applicants must have previous work experience, relevant qualifications and the potential to meet the employer requirements to fulfil a paid vacancy; or a voluntary role as a supported employee.

What will you learn?

On this 1 – 3 year programme you will gain skills for work to prepare you for sustainable employment. The majority of your time will be spent on a work placement with a local employer where you will carry out a job role carved out to meet their business needs. You’ll receive job-coaching and travel training support throughout your placement to help you develop the confidence to work and travel as independently as possible.

We will also cover interview skills, health and safety at work, employee rights and responsibilities and ways that you can improve in your job.

Where is this programme available?


What’s next?

Where possible, Supported Internships support young people into paid employment, including apprenticeships, at the end of their programme. Some students may choose to progress to being self-employed.

Jake's story

What we did…

We enabled Jake to prepare for work through researching different job roles, developing application and interview skills, alongside work experience both on and off campus. Patrick our job coach worked with local employers to find the right roles to fit Jake’s skill set and meet their business needs.

Jake’s next steps

Jake works three days a week off campus. He prepares food for customers at local café Eat @ No. 3 and works as part of the catering team at Springwater School. He is looking forward to a career in hospitality.