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Introducing the AngelEye Smart Reader

AngelEye is a new wearable smart reader produced by a company called NextVPU, who have developed their Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for people with low or no vision.

Envision Glasses: AI for your eye

Learn about the features of the Envision Glasses, AI-enabled smart glasses designed specifically for visually impaired people.

Tech Talk’s Top Tech of 2020

Find out what our Trafford and Oldham Tech Talk members voted as their favourite piece of technology in 2020.

Dictation solutions put to the test

There are a number of dictation solutions available, but which one is the best? We thought we would try some of the most common versions side by side to see how they performed.

Introducing the Orcam Read

The Orcam Read is a handheld smart device that identifies, captures and reads text aloud. Richard from our Digital Team puts it to the test with some visually impaired people.

Meet Fred the centenarian with sight loss

I was very fortunate to be invited to meet one of our visually impaired service users from Oldham last month, just a few days after he celebrated his 100th birthday!

Achieving goals with assistive technology

Expertise in assistive technology at our Specialist College plays a big part in our student’s success. Elspeth is building her skills in using switches to develop independence.

TapTapSee is Free (again!)

The app TapTapSee has now been made available for free - Community Services Development Manager Mark talks us through some of its features.

A day in my life

I’m often asked what it’s like to live life with a visual impairment. I just have to approach life in a slightly different way...