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Sight Loss and Dementia

Sight loss can mask as dementia, and go undetected for years. We’ll guide you on how to spot the signs, and what to do next if you suspect that someone has sight loss.

Guide to COVID-19 scams

Commonly during crisis situations, fraudsters create lots of new ways to defraud their unsuspecting victims. We've put together a guide to current COVID-19 scams.

Out and about on the high street after lockdown

Mark discusses how shops and services have changed since lockdown restrictions eased, in order to help better inform visually impaired people of what to expect when they go out.

Top tips for mindfulness during lockdown

Maria, our Enablement Officer for Tameside, discusses mindfulness tips to try and overcome any negative emotions you may experience during lockdown.

Stretching exercises: Tips and techniques

Mark, a qualified Sports Therapist, discusses some tips and techniques for 10 stretching exercises you can do at home, to support your health and wellbeing.

Three ways to make typing on the iPhone easier

We review three solutions to make typing on the iPhone easier: Siri and Dictation, the Bluetooth keyboard and FlickType, explaining how they work and their pros and cons.

Charles Bonnet Syndrome: facts and fiction

We sat down with Arthur and Joan, two people who live with Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS), and discussed their experiences and advice for coping with the condition.

8 tips for personal safety

A lot of people worry about their personal safety when they are walking alone on a quiet street, but how much greater is that fear if you’re blind?

Six tips for making your event accessible

We share our tips on the key things to cover when planning an event to ensure your event is accessibility friendly, and how we applied these at the Henshaws Awards.