“The Synapptic phone is a life-changer for me!”

Through assessments, training, groups and online resources our digital enablement team are here to find the solution that works for you, no matter what your sight level, age, or technical ability.
This blog discusses how the Synapptic phone package (which is one of the many products we demonstrate and offer training with) helped Mike and Eddie access technology and improve their skills and independence.

Synapptic phone package

Synapptic software has been designed to make smartphones accessible and simple to use when you have a visual impairment – in-built speech and magnification mean you can use it whatever your level of sight loss. Find your way around with clear, simple menus, which make it ideal if you’re new to technology or you don’t feel confident. Synapptic helps you manage everyday tasks yourself, stay connected to the important people in your life and opens up a world of entertainment, at your fingertips.

Give our product review video a watch to learn more about the software and phone.

Mike’s story

Mike is 45 years old and suffers from a degenerative condition that has a significant impact on his mobility as well as his vision. Due to Mike’s loss of vision, he had already given away his computer and was relying on a basic mobile phone. Mike had no access to the internet, emails and was finding it increasingly difficult to use his existing phone.

During his digital assessment appointment with us (prior to lockdown), Mike had a demonstration of the Synapptic phone and tried it out for himself. He was able to make a call and send a text message very quickly! Having already found out how useful an electronic magnifier would be, he was even more impressed with the Synapptic phone as it has a built-in magnifier and document reader!

Mike could not afford the phone without help, so with our support he successfully applied for a grant from the RNIB which funded nearly 90% of the price of the phone.

Mike attended a couple of training sessions for his new phone and learnt how to use the basics, but his training was cut short due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, even during the lockdown Richard from our Digital Team was able to call him and guide him step-by-step, through setting up email on the phone – Mike had not accessed his emails since before he came to Henshaws!

The Synapptic phone has been a life-changer for me!

Mike, aged 45

Eddie’s story

Eddie is 76 years old and prior to coming to a Henshaws digital assessment he was a novice to technology and hadn’t really used any before. During the assessment, he really liked the Synapptic phone as it seemed easy to use and could do lots of things.

After speaking to his family members, he decided to buy a phone. Unfortunately, this was just prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, but we rang him up to do some training over the phone. He said that his granddaughter had looked at the phone and was trying to learn how to use it, so we suggested that we should speak to his granddaughter and give her some tips on using the phone. Chris from our Digital Team did this and they had a long training session over the phone. He was able to go through how to make calls, send texts, use the reading machine, access audiobooks and search the web. She was then able to support Eddie in practicing these skills.

During the lockdown, Chris was able to talk to Eddie and give him some more tips over the phone – Eddie has been enjoying listening to audiobooks during the lockdown period!

Eddie is now more confident at doing the basic things on his phone, and he said that he is looking forward to the end of the current crisis so that he can come in and do some face to face training with Henshaws and do some more advanced things on his new phone.

More information

If you would like to arrange for a digital technology assessment, please give us a call on 0300 222 5555 or email info@henshaws.org.uk

You can buy the Synapptic phone package from Henshaws by visiting our online shop.

Synapptic software box

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