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Henshaws College - Vision Support Service

What is the Vision Support Service?

The Vision Support Service will help you understand your sight loss and develop new skills. We design and deliver programmes in communication, braille, low vision and mobility, including wheelchair driving skills.

Who is it for?

It is designed for any student who has a visual impairment. We also support wheelchair users to ensure you can get around safely. In addition to this, we provide advice, guidance and support to other college staff.

What do the sessions involve?

The support you receive will be personalised, but may include:

  • Getting around: how to use a cane, drive your wheelchair, cross roads, access public transport and travel to and around work placements.
  • Life skills: completing tasks safely and independently. This includes cooking, cleaning and personal care.
  • Specialist equipment: using talking clocks, modified kitchen appliances, adapted computers and assistive technology.
  • Communication aids: using braille, recording equipment and computers.

What are the benefits of Vision Support?

  • At Henshaws, support is tailored to your individual needs and aspirations.
  • You can grow your independence.
  • You will develop new skills and environmental awareness.
  • We focus on your health and wellbeing.

I liked finding my way around my work placement using my body protection, trailing and mapping skills. I have also learnt how to use my iPad to switch apps and use my Brailliant to control my iPad."

Marnie, college student

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