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Henshaws College - Assistive technology

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology is any item, equipment or software that enables a user to access something they would otherwise have difficulty with. For example, accessing and navigating a computer or controlling environmental elements such as lights, music and television.

Examples of assistive technology include:

  • Switches
  • Joysticks
  • Communication aids
  • Adapted keyboards
  • Accessibility features – iOS/Android/Windows

How does Assistive Technology help our students?

Our Assistive Technology team are here to support you with your learning, helping you to become more independent. We will help you to access the tools you need to learn,  increase opportunities for you and encourage choice making to build a more independent future.

Every student receives personalised support from our Assistive Technology team. This means the we can successfully supply the correct level of support and guidance to enable you to reach your specific goals.

How do we offer Assistive Technology support?

To ensure you have access to the right assistive technology equipment, we have to get to know you. This is initially done at pre-entry assessment. We will talk about your aims and aspirations as well as the support required for you to achieve them. From this, our team will create a report and you will be offered a level of support relevant to your needs.

Once you start at college, we will make observations through a baseline assessment of six weeks. We will trail different equipment to work out what suits you best. We will use this information to support you to access equipment and activities that help you achieve your goals and build independence.

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