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Henshaws College - Clinical support

Safely meeting your clinical needs

Our team ensure that any clinical needs that you have are met safely and effectively through comprehensive individualised care plans and risk assessments. The Clinical team also work closely with the team of staff caring for each student, offering support with other areas of health including nutrition, pressure area care and oral health care.

Working together with you

Depending on need, we can help you to access appropriate external services which may support you with specific requirements. The Clinical team also play a role in education and ensure that resources for health promotion are available in formats that students can understand and use effectively. This may include social stories or easy read resources to help improve students’ experiences of healthcare services.

Who are our clinical team?

Our fully qualified team includes a Clinical Lead Nurse, Registered Nurse, Clinical Assessment Lead, Senior Healthcare Assistants and Healthcare Assistants.

Who can we support?

We support students with a wide range of clinical needs including gastronomies, stomas, oral suctioning, nebulised medications, oxygen therapy, epilepsy, asthma and pressure area care.

We will always look for ways to safely support any clinical needs that you have and will adapt and develop the service to support a new clinical need where it is safe and appropriate to do so.

How are clinical needs assessed?

Your individual requirements will be identified during the assessment process, once a College application has been made. Each clinical need identified is assessed by the Clinical team, and comprehensive plans of care are implemented.

Our team will work closely with you, your parents, carers, medical professionals and specialists to ensure these plans are current and effective. They also offer advice and training to the rest of our support staff.

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