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Henshaws College - Next Steps

What is the Next Steps programme?

The programme offers personalised support to help you prepare and plan for your future. It has been designed for young adults who no longer have an EHCP.

We will help you to increase your independence on the path to achieve your aspirational quality of life. This may be related to independent living, health and wellbeing, relationships or community inclusion.

Is it right for me?

The next step programme may be right for you if you are aged 18 to 35 and your EHCP outcomes have been successfully met and your plan has been or is going to be ceased.

Our team will complete a detailed assessment to check for suitability and help you get the most out of the programme.

What is involved?

We will support you to:

  • Understand what choices are available to you.
  • Contribute to a meaningful transition.
  • Identify your current skills and transfer them.
  • Access future placements.
  • Access new therapy providers and support a successful transition.
  • Get involved in engaging activities that support exploration and choice making.
  • Enhance your communication skills.
  • Prepare you, your family and support teams to achieve a successful transition.
  • Meet your aspirations through a personalised, multi-disciplinary approach.

What are the benefits?

Our team will support you to:

  • Be involved in choices about your future, ensuring your voice is heard.
  • Enhance skill sets and transfer those skills into community living.
  • Build positive relationships with future care and therapy providers.
  • Work with future providers to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Access meaningful, personal and engaging activities.
  • Feel valued and included in your community.

Joe is a student on our next steps programme who recently made the trip down to Essex to access his future accommodation. He was able to follow the information given to him and recall the plan for the day well, accepting change to his routine and accessing a lot of new people.

Joe was able to access his new home, which was such a huge step for him and one he completely took in his stride. He did this with his current staff, future staff and parents, something that supported Joe to really understand the link between care, activities and family.

We will continue to support Joe and his understanding of his transition, keeping in regular contact with his future accommodation provider.

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