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Henshaws College - Physiotherapy

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can help you to overcome barriers to access physical exercise. This is achieved through movement focused activities. The aim is to maintain and improve functional movement, promote physical activity and maximise health and comfort.

Who is it for?

Physiotherapy is for everyone. It is not just about physical injuries or difficulties. It can help you emotionally, mentally and physically.


What does Physiotherapy involve?

There are five ways that we deliver Physiotherapy at Henshaws:

  • Hydrotherapy: exploring movement using our campus pool. A fun and relaxing experience where you benefit from the therapeutic properties of water.
  • Rebound therapy: using a trampoline as a safe environment to explore functional movement. Rebound therapy provides momentary feelings of weightlessness which can aid to lower tone and assist relaxation.
  • Exercise classes: focusing on movement and activity, predominantly through Tai Chi.
  • Embedded therapy: supporting you to access your other classes. This could be to use a walking frame in a sports session or a standing frame to enable painting in an art class.
  • Staff led: training other members of staff so you receive the support you need across the whole curriculum.

We can also provide you with advice and assistance with equipment such as orthotics and wheelchairs.

What are the benefits?

Physiotherapy can help you to:

  • Safely access physical activity and improve your physical health.
  • Increase your engagement across the whole of your education.
  • Meet and maintain postural needs.
  • Take part in fun and active sessions that promote health and wellbeing.
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