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Henshaws College - Positive Behavioural Support

What is Positive Behavioural Support (PBS)?

Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) is all about developing an understanding of behaviour: why you do what you do. It focuses on increasing quality of life and wellbeing through developing skills as better alternatives to behaviour that challenges.

Who is it for?

PBS can help support everyone, but it is particularly beneficial for people whose behaviour could be perceived as challenging, problematic and/or socially unacceptable

What does PBS involve?

PBS involves increasing quality of life and wellbeing by teaching the person skills to meet their needs, and making changes to the environment, therefore reducing the need to engage in behaviour that challenges.

PBS requires assessment and support arrangements to be personalised and grounded directly in information that has been gathered about the person (including their broader needs and abilities) and their environment. The PBS process begins with a systematic assessment of when, where, how and why an individual displays behaviour that challenges, a process known as functional assessment or functional analysis

What are the benefits?

Positive Behavioural Support can:

  • Increase your quality of life.
  • Improve your sense of wellbeing.
  • Enable you to learn new skills.
  • Help you to protect, preserve and develop meaningful relationships.
  • Support you to access a meaningful and happy life.
  • Decrease behaviour that challenges.
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