Creative workshops

Explore your creative talents using different colours, textures and materials to make unique artwork. Our creative workshops include art studio - (mosaics, paper and printed textiles), pottery and jewellery.

Brightly coloured crocodile mosaic made by an Art Maker in our art studio using green, red, yellow and blue tiles

Art studio

Follow your own interests to develop a unique style of working in our art studio. We will support you to try a range of media whilst being sensitive to your individual needs each week.

  • Learn to design and make your own mosaics
  • Develop your drawing skills, from simple mark making on paper to designing cards and canvases
  • Get inspiration from our wide range of art books
  • Try different techniques with pencil, crayon, watercolour and acrylic paint
  • Make friends in our sociable workshop sessions.

Find out how Wesley’s confidence has increased through art

A colourful rainbow hanging in the window of our jewellery creative workshop


Make creative pieces of jewellery using unusual and inspirational materials. Work on bringing your own ideas to life from design stage to the finished piece.

  • Learn to use different techniques to create jewellery from wire, beads and recycled materials
  • Be inspired by textures, colours and shapes.
  • Develop pattern and counting skills.
  • Create pieces that are sparkly, shiny and bright.

Hear why Dolly loves to be creative in our jewellery workshop

Art Maker sticking on layers of newspaper to create a paper mache bowl with the support of workshop leader at our arts & crafts centre


Explore paper making techniques and ideas for paper creations including gift tags, cards and collage kits. We will encourage you to come up with your own designs and want you to have fun!

  • Develop techniques for layering paper by working on papier mache objects
  • Improve your dexterity through different practical tasks
  • Learn how to differentiate between a range of textures and colours when decorating your work
  • Improve your design and time management skills as you plan future projects
  • Develop your communication skills through interaction with Art Makers, staff, volunteers and visitors.

See Vicky’s latest project to create paper lanterns

Art Makers creating clay bowls by stamping individual shapes from clay in our pottery creative workshop


We can teach you simple techniques to create your own pieces out of clay, from simple hanging decorations to 3D sculptures.

  • Learn basic pottery techniques including coiling, slab building and pinching
  • Enjoy the tactile experience of working with clay
  • Create your own pieces from the design stage to the finished product
  • Try out different finishes including glazing and painting
  • Understand how to keep safe in the studio.

Learn how Sally brings her ideas to life through pottery

Please get in touch with us to find out how we can develop a creative programme of workshops tailored to your needs.

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