Multisensory and Wellbeing workshops

Develop relaxation techniques, explore all your senses and learn about healthy living. Our Multisensory and Wellbeing workshops include cook it, multisensory and sensory arts.

Art Maker Graham and workshop leader Wendy getting their equipment ready to prepare a healthy meal in the Cook It health and wellbeing workshop

Cook it

In each session you will learn to prepare and cook a healthy meal in our training kitchen. You’ll plan the whole process, from choosing recipes to picking seasonal ingredients from our vegetable patch and bringing them back to cook. You can:

  • Prepare and cook a healthy two course lunch
  • Learn about healthy eating and nutrition
  • Develop skills in setting and clearing the table
  • Wash, dry and put away your kitchen equipment
  • Discuss and plan each week’s menu with the group.

See how Craig has changed his diet through our workshop

Art Maker enjoying a session with the fibre optics and glow in the dark cushions in our multisensory workshop

Multisensory & Sensory arts

Escape from your everyday routine in our multisensory & sensory arts workshops where we offer a combination of activities including massage, relaxation, meditation, storytelling, games, sensory play and group art. These are especially popular with our Art Makers who have more complex needs.

  • Increase your confidence through storytelling and games
  • Develop techniques for meditation and massage to help you relax more easily
  • Enjoy sensory stimulation through a range of equipment including glow in the dark displays, music, fibre optics and tactile cushions.
  • Take part in sensory arts activities including making scented playdough, colourful and flavoured water, or handprinting to create big pieces of art.

How multisensory sessions help Karen manage her feelings

Please contact us to find out how we could develop a programme of health and wellbeing workshops to meet your individual needs.

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