Performing Arts workshops

Gain confidence and make friends in our performing arts workshops which include drama, film & media, music and 'music & more'

Art Maker playing guitar in the music workshop

Music and more

Our ‘Music and more’ workshops combine music and multisensory activities for our Art Makers with complex needs.

  • Enjoy discos in the activity centre where our tracking hoists give you the freedom to move and dance
  • Explore all your senses through sensory activities including storytelling, songs and massage
  • Get creative with jamming and improvisation to come up with your own sounds.
Art Makers from our music workshop performing on our outdoor stage for feva festival


Experience the informal and friendly atmosphere in our music workshop as we give you the opportunity to express yourself through the kind of music you enjoy.

  • Try a range of different instruments including drums, keyboard, and boom-whackers
  • Enjoy the music at your own pace, which might mean just soaking up the atmosphere
  • Increase your confidence through having a go and learning to express yourself in new ways through music
  • Discover your musical talents as we support you to develop them
  • Learn to be creative through jamming and improvising.

How James developed the confidence to perform on stage

Please contact us to find out how we can create a programme of performing arts workshops tailored to your needs.

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