Barnaby’s story

Barnaby has been able to gradually reduce his personal support needs as he’s become more confident and independent through taking part in our horticulture workshop. Wendy Harris, workshop leader, tells us his story.

Barnaby in horticulture workshopBarnaby preparing pots with compost in horticulture workshopClose up of Barnaby smiling in horticulture workshop

“Barnaby attends our horticulture session on a Friday afternoon. We have supported him to learn to work within a group. He has gradually increased in confidence through getting to know the group and feeling more relaxed.

Barnaby particularly enjoys sowing seeds, potting on and sweeping up. His favourite thing to do is potwashing in the sink as he enjoys going through the pots and cleaning them all. He also likes making leaf mulch by collecting leaves to rot down into compost for next year.

When Barnaby first started, he needed one to one support throughout his session. Now he attends independently and just uses our Henshaws personal assistant system at lunchtime. This gives him the flexibility to get the support he needs exactly when he needs it. It’s great that Barnaby’s independence skills have increased so that he can now take part in the sessions with less support.”

A group of Art Makers, volunteers and staff stand to admire the tree they have just planted next to the wall in our gardens as part of the horticulture workshop

Join our horticulture workshop

In our horticulture workshop you will work as part of a team to help maintain our kitchen gardens and woodland walk.

  • Develop a range of gardening skills including planting, watering, cutting, potting on and plant care
  • Grow a variety of plants to sell in our garden centre
  • Learn about the process of planting from seed to plate.

Please contact us to find out how we can develop a creative programme which is tailored to your needs.

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